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Children's Book Review: Discover Families by Fliss Goldsmith

Ages: 3+

So what makes a family? asks Roderick.

“LOVE … lots of LOVE”.

Fliss Goldsmith’s Discover Families, centre around the discoveries of an adventurous brother and sister, Roderick and Erin. In this story, a picnic with mini pizzas, yummy sandwiches and juicy strawberries are all a part of Erin and Roderick’s exciting day, eaten in a sunny park with their family and friends - wonderful!

Whilst the parents’ catch-up and enjoy the weather, Roderick notices all of their many differences and he begins to wonder, what does a ‘normal’ family look like? His mum, who has vibrant purple hair and a matching walking stick, looks nothing like Zena’s mum, who loves to wear lots of golden jewellery and colourful hair accessories. Roderick has a dad with a cool tattooed arm, whereas his friend, Steven, doesn’t have a dad at all! So, what makes a family then? wonders Roderick. Well, Fliss Goldsmith says that it’s “LOVE … lots of LOVE”!

The author encourages acceptance, tolerance and understanding towards every person, couple and family, teaching her young readers that they can grow up to be whoever and whatever they want to be! Discover Families is the perfect way to introduce children to every type of family, creating a story free from stereotypes to help the reader understand that all you really need in life is...LOVE.

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