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Children's Book Review: Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

Ages: 3+

Looking for new, exciting stories for your children? … Supertato to the rescue!!

In their hilariously quirky picture books, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet present a heroic spud (Supertato) and his battles with the unanimously hated green pea, who strives to disrupt the supermarket. Supertato has eyes and ears everywhere, protecting all fruits and veggies from his enemy’s mischievous adventures, including kidnapping carrot, ruining the cupcakes and wrapping cucumber in toilet paper!

The exciting events of these character’s lives, not only induces your child’s interest in fruits and vegetables and thereby, promotes a healthy lifestyle but also pokes fun at the world-wide struggle to persuade children to just TRY their greens! The sneaky, escape pea and heroic tater will build a fun story around your child’s meals, making them check their own fridges for any secret goings-on.

This, coupled with funny jokes - “This jelly tastes of pea!” - and colourful, whacky pictures will have your child snicker, laugh and desperate to read his next tale! Undoubtedly loved by your little ones, this tater is the hero your tots need!

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