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Children's Book Review: The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas

Updated: Mar 7

Age: 3+

Poor Colour Monster has woken up feeling very overwhelmed and his fur is covered in an emotional rainbow! Black, green, red and yellows are covering his woolly coat, making him feels tired, angry, calm, scared and happy all at once! Poor, poor monster!

To help him make sense of it all, a friendly girl explains what all these emotional colours mean: anger (red), calm (green), happy (yellow), scared (black), sad (blue) and love (pink). Together, they sort each feeling neatly into colour jars, allowing this sensitive monster to express himself more clearly. Because of this, Anna Llenas’ beautiful illustrations play an important part in helping her child readers understand and communicate their own emotions.

The book deals with this complex subject sensitively and encourages healthy communication between children and their parents, carers or teachers. Perfect for any child struggling to understand their feelings, this book - with its colourful illustrations and clever message- is reading gold!

After reading, try colouring in each monster in a different emotion!

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