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Boom Followers' Special Songs

We asked our Boom followers what songs hold special significance for them. Perhaps just for them or for them and their partner or – most often – for them and their child!

There are so many songs that remind me of special occasions. On My Own from Les Miserables will always be my song, to remember my dad and how proud he was when I sang it. Then Happy by Pharrell Williams that came out when my daughter was born and is the one who’ll always make me happy.



We had I Want to Walk You Home by Fats Domino on for 12 full hours the first night our baby was born so it will always remind me of being so tired but so happy to finally have her with us!



For some reason I’ve always sung Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear? by The Carpenters to my kids at bedtime. We love Lady Gaga and Sia and the soundtrack to SING.

Jo (previous Boom owner)


I have always sung You are My Sunshine and Moon River to my boys ever since they were babies and to this day I can’t hear You are My Sunshine without crying!



Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls. I used to dance to this song and it’s also the name I’ve chosen for my future daughter!



My daughter and I sing I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day as our feel-good song all year round!



Elbow – One Day. It reminds me of holding and meeting my grandchildren for the very first time.



Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Walked down the aisle to this song. It will always be a favourite.



Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan… I sing it in the car with my 6-year-old.



When We Were Young by Adele. My daughter was born to this song and you can hear it in the video of her being born. I remember those postpartum days, just crying every time I heard it!



We have a few. Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition was our first dance. Mine by Sleep Token was the song our baby was born to and No Doubt’s Just a Girl is the one we bop around to the kitchen to!

Heather (Boom)


I’ve always sung Can’t Take My Eyes Off You to the girls and the song my husband and I had for our first dance was Lucky by Jason Mraz.

Steph (Boom)

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