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Children's Book Review: The Chocolate Tree: A Mayan Folktale by Linda Lowery & Richard Keep

Updated: Mar 7

Age: 7+

“Chocolate Ice-Cream. Warm cocoa. Fudgy brownies. Can you imagine a world without chocolate? This is a folktale about how chocolate came to all of us on Earth. It begins nearly 1,000 years ago in a rainforest in Mexico.”

The Chocolate Tree is a beautifully illustrated, well-told story about Mayan life in the Mexian Jungle. Specifically, it details the fascinating folk tale about the origin of chilli hot chocolate! The book involves battling gods, exotic animals and mouth-watering descriptions of chilli cacao, making it a sure favourite for any history or chocolate-loving kid.

It’s colourful illustrations and clear writing style makes it a perfect read for 7+ age groups, allowing them to improve their reading skills and knowledge of history. Enjoy this story with a homemade hot chocolate for a more exciting, immersive experience.

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