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Children's Book Review: A Spoonful of Murder by Robin Stevens

Ages: 9+

Shortlisted in the National Book Awards 2018 (children’s category), Robin Stevens’ novel is a fantastic introduction into the world of detectives, crime, mysteries and plot twists!

A Spoonful of Murder makes up one of six detective novels written by this fantastic author, following Hazel and Daisy as they solve mysteries all over the world. In this story, the two girls visit Hong Kong after Hazel Wong’s cherished grandfather passes away. There, they are met with a terrible surprise as their family visit quickly turns into a bewildering murder mystery!

The two friends must use their skills like never before, searching for clues, confronting suspects and solving puzzles to find their criminal. This series will have all young readers captivated for weeks. It is a great book for curious, clever children.

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