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Children's Book Review: Wolf Child by Susan Gates and Liz Pichon

Updated: Mar 7

Age: 4+

In their creative and funny picture book, Susan Gates and Liz Pichon offer a hilarious twist on the well-known werewolf story.

In this book, the peaceful family life (or pack life) of two wolfy parents is disrupted when their perfectly messy, smelly cub is magically transformed into a human boy! His interest in sniffing horribles odours, munching on crunchy bones and running through forests swiftly fade as he adopts the characteristics of human children. To his parents’ despair, tidying, washing and sitting still quickly become the norm for Wolf Child, causing his family to frantically search for a cure to this terrible human curse!

This is a tale of “wolves, boys and manners”, with hilarious illustrations, clever writing and plot twists! It will undoubtedly become the favourite in your household.

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