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Craft: Wildlife Mobile

Written by Amy Stevenson from Primrose Art Club

Amy has loved delving into a range of creative activities since childhood due to her Granny offering space and materials. She opened Primrose Art Club to provide other children with the same opportunities.

On rainy days you can still GO WILD by creating some lovely wildlife mobiles. Our example is based on local wildlife but you could give yours an aquarium theme, dinosaur theme or jungle theme. You can also paint or colour your mobile with pens instead of using collage.

What you will need:       

●      Cereal box

●      Pencil

●      Plate

●      Scissors

●      String/wool/ribbon

●      Collage materials

●      Glue


What to do:

  1. First, open up your cereal box and lay it flat. Then place a plate on the inside and draw around it. Cut the circle out.

  2. Draw a spiral inside the circle starting from the edge and working your way to the middle.

  3. Cut along the line of your spiral. Tie string (you can also use wool or ribbon) to the middle. You should be able to hold the mobile up by the string.

  4. Draw your animals on the left over card - we made five for our example - then cut the animals out.

  5. Add some colour to your animals and mobile by gluing collage materials onto them. You can use any scrap paper, magazines, left over ribbon from gifts, tissue paper or sweet wrappers. You could even use some leaves or flower petals to add a bit more wildness to your mobile.

  6. Cut slots each side of the spiral where you want to attach an animal and thread the string through the two slots. This will help hold it in place. Tie the ends of the string around your animal.

  7. You can add extra decorations such as twigs, leaves or shells using the same method to give some more variety to the mobile. Just be careful to not add too much as if it is too heavy the mobile will break.

  8. Now find a place to hang your masterpiece so the whole family can enjoy it!

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