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Duffield Hedgehog Champion

Hedgehogs are being lost at an alarming rate of 5% per year. That’s the same rate as tigers are being lost globally.

The single most important thing we can all do is connect up our gardens. Hedgehogs roam 1-2 kms a night foraging for food and love all different types of gardens.

All it takes to connect our gardens is to make a 13cm x13cm hole in fences or walls.

Hogs come out of hibernation March/April time when they will be starving, so make sure you also leave a shallow bowl of water out and some meaty dog or cat food if you have a hog in your garden.

A fantastic initiative called Hedgehog Street has been set up nationally to help hogs at a local level. It is full of information and advice.

You can be a Hedgehog Champion on your street, to engage and support neighbours in making the street hedgehog friendly.

Wouldn’t it be great if each street in Belper had a Hedgehog Champion?

If you are interested in being a Hedgehog Champion, visit where you can register if you wish.

  1. Let plants go wild.

  2. Build a log pile.

  3. Make ponds safe.

  4. Check before trimming.

  5. Check before burning logs.

  6. Stop using chemicals.

  7. Feed them when they come out of hibernation.

If you do see a hedgehog out in the day, it could be sick. If you are concerned about a Hedgehog that you suspect may be sick or injured, please contact your Local Derby Hedgehog rescue on 01332 381315.

Let’s work together to secure a future for our local hedgehogs.

By Eva Long.

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