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Lovely Local Indie

Updated: Mar 7

Introducing Molly Scott, Founder of Lovely Local Indie

Molly used to live in Belper, but now resides in Chesterfield. She is passionate about good food and supporting local independent businesses.

She runs a popular blog that shares great places to eat and drink plus spot-on places for family days out! Check it out here:

Molly has written a great article in the latest edition of Boom that gives ideas for family trips out on a budget. Pick up your copy in print or read it online here: (issue 23)

She also offers Social Media support for businesses and I met up with her to discuss how I can continue to engage my Boom readers through interesting Fb and Insta posts!

If you too are interested in Social Media support here is her contact:

Follow her to be up to date with all her latest discoveries...

(Page is currently called "Derbyshire Lovely Local Indie)

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1 Comment

Nov 06, 2022

Aw! Thank you Jo! Only just seen this!!!! THANK YOU. 😊 Really love Boom magazine - it's such a great resource for Belper families. Wish there had been something like this in Chesterfield when my daughter was younger.

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