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Children's Book Review: Can You See Me? by Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott

Updated: Mar 7


Scott and Westcott’s Can You See Me? is a powerful story centred around Tally, a young girl living with autism in the U.K. Tally is funny, happy and loves her friends and family but, sometimes, she can feel slightly different. Her autism makes Tally HATE some things that her friends don’t seem bothered by and, often, she doesn’t understand the meaning behind people’s words. This can make life a bit difficult and exhausting!

The book, inspired by Libby Scott’s genuine experiences, offers an authentic spin on this fictional story. It allows readers to see a realistic portrayal of autism and demonstrates how it can also be a thing to be celebrated! Tally changes from feeling required to fit in to becoming proud to stand out, encouraging acceptance and self-love.

The authors encourage their readers to empathise with the protagonist, promoting an open discussion about differences and learning to understand other people’s perspectives. They put acceptance and love at the forefront, helping children to foster compassion, patience and kindness towards all people. An authentic and interesting read, this is a sweet story with an important message.

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