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Children's Book Review: Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan

Updated: Mar 7

Ages: 6+

Shaun Tan’s In the Rules of Summer transports us into a whimsical, imaginary world of two brothers during their summer holiday. Each page consists of one rule, which the boys must abide by if they wish to survive summer, and incredibly bizarre illustrations which leave you intrigued over each picture.

Through his quirky imagination, Tan creates a world where stepping on a snail can cause a tornado, or eating the last nibble at a party means being scrutinized by gigantic hawks. He encourages a place where children can think outside of the box, allowing their imagination to run wild. Your children will laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of each page, encouraging them to think of their own games - and rules - made up with family and friends.

It is a fantastic book which inspires imagination, creativity and independent thinking. The illustrations alone will have you and your kids fascinated!

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