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Children's Book Review: The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich


Brought to life by Indigenous author, Louise Erdrich, The Birchbark House begins a series of novels which tell the story of seven-year-old Omakayas and her exciting (and sometimes dangerous) life as a Native American tribe member!

Omakayas (nicknamed Little Frog) is a sweet protagonist - curious, clever and imaginative. She’s also a typically mischievous child, who hates her chores, ignores her parents and detests her annoying brother. Through her stories, however, we learn about the exciting ways of her people; the yearly harvest, gathering berries, hunting animals, playing games and everything else which accompanies living side by side with nature.

You will love Louise Erdrich’s rich descriptions of the life-cycle of plants, the flow of the river and numerous animal noises and will have you practically seeing and hearing them outside your back door!

A story that is moving, charming and humorous The Birchbark House explores how the environment and man can live compassionately side by side. Any nature-loving kid who loves adventure will eat this book up, making them grab their wellies and head out to explore the great outdoors!


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