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Summer Water Safety

Kayleigh from Puddle Ducks Derbyshire shares some top tips for keeping your little ones safe around water this summer.

Here at Puddle Ducks Derbyshire we want to share with you our top tips for staying safe around water this summer!

  1. Check the safety arrangements and see if there is lifeguard cover. 

  2. Read and listen to any warning signs you find to help you understand your environment – including depth changes. 

  3. Swim with any children in your care – it’s more fun and you can keep them close and safe.

  4. Inflatable dinghies and lilos are a well-known hazard and can easily be blown out to sea. Don’t use them in open water. 

  5. Mix periods of practice with lots of games so that your little one stays enthusiastic. Have fun and be creative! 

Finally, don't forget that children gravitate towards water. Teach them to NEVER enter the water without your supervision.


Whatever you decide to do during the holidays, we hope you have a fantastic time and have the chance to enjoy some super wonderful water play with your little ones. 

If you would like to sign your little one up to our fun filled classes then get in touch at to explore our pools and classes.

Kayleigh is a Swim Academy and Baby Pre-school Senior Teacher for Puddle Ducks Derbyshire. 

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