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Tips and Tricks for Tricks and Treats

Whether its dressing up as mummies, ghouls and witches or free sweeties and pumpkin carving, kids love a little bit of Halloween! There's no denying that old Hallow's Eve is growing in popularity, but trick-or-treating can be a little worrying for parents so we've put together five ideas for a safe and spooky Sam'hain!

Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

1. Bright, reflective costumes

If you're taking them out on the Trick-or-Treat Trail this year, make sure the costumes are full of colour or have some reflective stuff on them! Try using glowsticks or make stripes out of reflective tape on hats, treat bags or tights! Also make sure any bought costumes are fire-safe!

Photo by Mike Jones from Pexels

2. Avoid sticks and swords

Pirates, knights and mages, what do they have in common? Long, pointy sticks! These can be a little dangerous, especially if a child stumbles. Try a foam sword or plastic 'crystal' ball as an alternative if you're worried.

Photo by Charles Parker from Pexels

3. Fitted hats and raised hemlines

We get it, that mini Gandalf costume really would be adorable but it's also a bit of trip hazard. Make sure the hem on his cloak is at ankle length and his hat isn't falling into his eyes ( a great hack for this is too pad out the inside rim of too-large hats with a flat sock!)

Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

4. Always have a Back-Up Costume

Especially for baby's first (or second [or third]) Halloween, you never know what mudshaps, wee-cidents or vomittacks might occur!

5. Non-food items in your treat bowl

This is just to tone down the sugar but also is great for kids who suffer from allergies! Many individually wrapped sweets don't include the ingredients on the wrapper so kids might accidentally eat something they can't or just end up not having anything at all! Try throwing in some small stationary, badges, or mini card packs.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

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