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World Mental Health Day 2023 - Jessica Bowers

Developing a positive, growth mindset

World Mental Health Day takes place on Tuesday 10th October, its' purpose is to draw our attention to the importance of looking after our mental health and well-being. You can find out more information about this day here:

It is a special day for me this year, because it is also the publication day for my new children's picture book 'Awesome Alfie's Disastrous Day'.

The story inspires children to think positively, feel good about themselves and create positive thoughts. The book includes a tool kit for how to do this, and I'd love to share some ideas with you..

A simple, yet effective way of creating a positive mindset is by practising gratitude. This practise can shift our thoughts from negativity into gratitude and appreciation. However, this does not mean that we ignore the challenges we face or the feelings that arise from these challenges. It is more about finding a way to shine light amidst darkness. This practise was very meaningful for me during lockdown, and it shifted my focus from the anxiety of Covid and the stresses that brought, to really noticing and valuing all of the small, yet wonderful things that were present during each day. I certainly went to bed feeling lighter and less stressed.

Many of us have negative thoughts about ourselves, and we can often believe these without question. I have developed the tool 'Think B.I.G.' to support children (and adults) with challenging these thoughts:

B is for: Become aware - it is a thought (this invites self awareness and allows us to take action.) I is for: Investigate your thought (Is it really true? How do you know this?) G is for: Generate a more kind and loving thought to replace the negative one with.

Have a go, the more you practice thinking B.I.G., the easier it will become.

The final tool I'd like to share with you is the practise of using positive affirmations regularly. They are a great way to support us with overcoming any fears and doubts that we may have. I have some ideas for positive affirmations for your children to try, in my 'Awesome Alfie' resource pack, which you can download for free here:

There are plenty of other free mental health and emotional well-being resources, that are available from my website too:

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @jessicabowerswellbeingwriter where I'll keep you posted with any new resources that I develop.

Jessica Bowers is a mum of 3, Well-being Writer, Children's Author, Counsellor and Psychotherapist - 'Growing Strong Minds and Kind Hearts!'

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