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Reader Recommended New Hobbies for 2024

We asked our social media followers to tell us all about their hobbies. Read on to see why you should take up baking, learn to boulder or join a park run!


Baking! I love baking and can’t wait to do it with my little boy. It’s fun, you can do sweet or savoury depending on your tastes, something easy or more challenging depending on what mood you’re in and you get to enjoy what you’ve made at the end! Kim


I’m really into anything creative. I’ve recently done a calligraphy course, I’ve tried my hand at felting and I love to draw and paint. I find it calming and it’s great for a cosy winter evening in. Bella


I love horse riding and my little one’s been a part of stable life since he was two days old. I learnt to ride at a variety of places but Parkside at Alfreton always stood out. I’m also really into the aerial arts, hoop and pole. I go to a fantastic studio in the mill at Belper called Mill View Pole Academy. They have the most amazing instructors and students. Amber


I have taken up puzzles! There is a puzzle exchange in an old phone box near where I live, and I quite often swap one in and out. It’s a fabulous winter hobby - a glass of wine, film on and puzzle. Keeps me away from my phone and can be inclusive for the family. Kimberley


My partner and I like table top role play (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons). It’s a fun way to be social and a creative outlet. Sarah


I like to lift heavy weights in the gym. It clears my mind, makes me super strong and has many benefits for my future self. Gemma


Bouldering! Started indoors at The Climbing Unit in Derby and tried outdoor climbing for the first time this year. Such a fun way to keep moving. Self-confessed couch potato! Siobhan

I decided to learn French on Duolingo this year! I did French at school but nothing since. I’ve really enjoyed doing a few French lessons every day and hoping next year to book a holiday in France to use my new skills! Poppy


Park runs are amazing! They have such a great atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly. No one ever finishes last as they have a ‘tail walker’ who will go slower than the slowest participant. There are people from all ages and backgrounds and all abilities. I’m currently doing some park run tourism, visiting a different park run each week. And sometimes there’s cake! Kate


I love horse riding and can’t WAIT to share it with my wee one. Being around horses teaches children so much about communication, hard work, respect and physical strength and balance. I highly recommend Matlock Farm Park for first pony rides. Heather (Boom)


I love little countryside walks (little because of the little legs that accompany me!), particularly where there’s wildlife to be spotted. I enjoy using the Merlin app to ID birds as I go. It’s good mindfulness to engage my senses intentionally, and I think it’s important to teach my little people to do the same. Steph (Boom)


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