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Review: Mother Goose at Derby Arena

Oh no they didn’t…Oh yes they did!

Derby Live did it again! Another fantastic pantomime hosted by Derby’s Velodrome at Pride Park.

We were invited by Boom to take the kids and review this year’s opening performance of Mother Goose. There was the usual stunning, sparkly set and fantastic costumes that we have come to expect from a Derby Live pantomime, but I’ve got to say that this year’s was the funniest and most entertaining we have seen to date.

The opening scene started with clever rhyming dialogue between the good fairy and Lucifer the pantomime villain which led the way to a great story of good overcoming evil. The pantomime Dame and her humorous son had us laughing from start to finish with endless jokes making pokes at Derby folk, innuendos that went right over the kids’ heads (but had the adults in stitches) and lots and lots of egg-related jokes!

Much to the kids’ delight, there were food fights on stage, the water pistols came out at one point (no-one in the audience escaped the shower) and it even ended with hundreds of golden eggs (balloons) falling from the ceiling! The audience participation and general atmosphere was fantastic this year and I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in ages. We particularly loved the ‘’Im a Darbie Girl, in a Darbie world’ song!

The performance time is 2 hrs 30 mins with an interval and all the seats there have a good view! Hot food, snacks and drinks are available and the usual spinning light-up toys which were a much cheaper price than other venues I've been to.

Our kids were age 9 and 10 and they loved every minute. It was spot on humour for them, but it certainly would keep age 3 upwards entertained as there wasn’t a dull moment. I also highly recommend for adults’ entertainment too as we had a blast!

A must see this festive season; it’s certainly got us into the Christmas spirit!

Jo, Toby and friend

Photos by Robert Day

The award-winning team behind smash-hit Derby Arena pantomimes is hatching a plan to make Mother Goose an action-packed adventure guaranteed to have the whole family honking with laughter.


Mother Goose has a loving family who drive her quackers, a bird sanctuary for peaky poultry in the village of Squalkstone and even a magical goose that lays golden eggs. She has everything anyone could possibly wish for, except the one thing she really wants, to be beautiful. When she makes a deal with Demon Vanity a little fowl play means she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Join us on this flight of fancy as the Egg-selent 2022 award-winning Dame Morgan Brind returns for this egg-stra special show packed full of hilarious yokes! It’s going to be cracking! With s-peck-tacular sets, breath-taking special effects, egg-squisite costumes and mountains of mayhem, the team behind previous smash-hit Derby Arena pantomimes are hatching a plan to make this the perfect action-packed adventure guaranteed to have the whole family honking with laughter. 

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