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Five Books to Fight those First Day Fears

Is your little one worried about starting school or nursery this year? These fab children's books are the perfect way to introduce the world of school before they get there!

1. Never Take a Bear to School

Author: Mark Sperring, Illustrator: Britta Teckentrup, Publisher: Orchard Books

If it's your first day of school and you're feeling a little sad or afraid, but you still cannot take a bear with you - just look at all the chaos they'll make! They say laughter is the best medicine and that’s why this picture book makes sure kids will be too busy giggling about school to be worrying about it!

2. King of the Classroom

Author: Derrick Barnes, Illustrator: Vanessa Brantley-Newton, Publisher: Scallywag Press

One little boy is about to have his first day at school but there’s no need to be nervous because he’s going to be the King of the Classroom! Empowering and entertaining, this picture book not only helps to assuage the anxiety of a new environment but also encourage kids to be confident and have fun!

3. What Does The Crocodile Say?

Author & Illustrator: Eva Montanari, Publisher: Book Island

Little Crocodile is woken up by the alarm – dringg dringg! He has a wash – sssplash! Then it’s time for a munchy breakfast and a zzzup getting dressed. Yet when mummy and Little Crocodile go hup-hup up the stairs to nursery, Little Crocodile starts to cling onto mummy! “What Does The Crocodile Say?” cleverly expresses first day anxieties and also bring assurance and comfort all through the medium of toddler noises!

4. Hello, Friend

Author: Rebecca Cobb Publisher: Macmillan

Shyness, social anxiety and meeting someone new – all of them are covered in this lovely picture book about a little girl who makes a new friend, opening the opportunity to talk to your little ones about feelings, fears and friendships

5. Lulu’s First Day

Author: Anna McQuinn, Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw, Publisher: Alanna Max

The first day of preschool is just around the corner and Lulu can't wait! That's because she's already been to visit, she's picked out a great outfit and she has her favourite cuddly toy to keep her company if she gets anxious! A lovely little book to show kids how they can prepare for nursery or school so that it seems less scary on the day.

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