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Children's Book Review: Mary by Sophie Cartmell

Updated: Mar 7

Ages: 3+

Pink squash, fresh cupcakes and strawberry jelly are Mary’s favourite things in the whole world. She loves them soooo much that she often has a tea party all for herself! One day, Mary decides that her exciting hobbies and yummy treats are just too good to enjoy alone and she sets off on an adventure to make new friends.

Mary ventures through the pumpkin patch, across daisy fields and even through clouds, visiting tree babies, selkie seals and scarecrows! Sadly, no one seems interested in playing with Mary, having already found their own friendship groups. Until, by chance, she comes across a very special peach and a loving ghost, whose friendly characters show the importance of kindness, sympathy and inclusion.

This is a story about love and friendship. It's hilarious whacky style- with drawings from local illustrator Duck & Peach - offers us a chance to entertain our young ones AND support local creatives! It is a refreshingly quirky read with a simple, important message

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